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Senior Seminar

Portfolio Items:

  • resumé
  • philosophy of ministry
  • your spiritual journey
  • your views on ethics and integrity
    • How do you use God's word in your ministry?
    • How do you treat the people you minister to?
    • How do you use your time? Any time management?
    • How do you handle your money? budgeting? borrowing?
    • How do you control your sexuality? How do you make sure you are not going to have sex with someone other than your wife?
  • a bibliography of important works in Bible and ministry (with items owned marked with an asterisk)
  • examples of your academic work (including a copy of the research paper or exegesis produced for this class)
  • examples of lessons and/or sermons from your internship or other ministry
  • recommendations
  • any diplomas and/or certificates
  • material from mission workshops, lectureships, or campaigns
  • a global component

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